Purely Plantain Chips
The UK's Newest Premium Brand
Of Healthier Snacks

Purely Range

Purely aims to be the UK's first premium brand of plantain snacks. Initially we will be offering Purely Plantain Chips in 3 popular flavours, widely endorsed by participants in our national survey.

Naturally Salted Purely Plantain Chips
Naturally Salted
Wild Garlic Purely Plantain Chips
Wild Garlic
Nice and Spicy Purely Plantain Chips
Nice and Spicy

Mission & Vision

Our ambition for Purely Plantain Chips is to introduce a high quality, premium priced snack that provides a tasty, more satisfying and healthier alternative to potato chips and many other traditional snacks. The Purely brand name was developed to capture the innocent nature of the product - no additives or preservatives, ethically and sustainably sourced, minimally processed and offering many natural health benefits. The pack design embraces the same themes, simple and tasteful, with a matt finish and careful choice of subtle colours to reflect the premium quality of the brand.

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