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Purely Range

Purely aims to be the UK's first premium brand of plantain snacks. Initially we will be offering Purely Plantain Chips in 3 popular flavours, widely endorsed by participants in our national survey.

Nice and Spicy
Nice and Spicy
Wild Garlic
Wild Garlic
Naturally Salted
Naturally Salted

Mission & Vision


“To inspire the world with innovation through food.
Bringing discovery and shaping the future with new great tasting products from around the globe.
Purely bringing the world’s food closer to our customer”.

"Our Short term vision is to become the number one plantain chips brand worldwide.”
“In the long term we want to be a disruptor brand in the snack and drink sector and contributing to build a healthier and tastier future by offering innovative choices from around the world.”

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The Gatehouse,
2B Victoria Works, Vittoria Street,
Birmingham, B1 3PE
United Kingdom

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